Francesca Niccacci

Francesca is one of the best artists working in Dertua today. Her pieces are a perfect blend of color, classic style, and elegance. These pieces are sure to please any lover of fine art maiolica.
Renaissance Wall Plate
$1,100.00 (Out of Stock)
Francesca Charger
$110.00 $88.00 SALE
Floral & Fruit Square Bowl
$320.00 (Special Order)
Purple Flower Square Bowl
$320.00 (Out of Stock)
Large Platter
$595.00 $357.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Platter with Handles
$410.00 (Out of Stock)
Rectangular Platter
$420.00 $252.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Floral & Fruit Fruit Bowl
$550.00 (Out of Stock)
3-Ring Centerpiece
$440.00 $264.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Geometric Centerpiece Bowl
$340.00 (Out of Stock)
Fruit Pitcher
$350.00 $210.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
$140.00 (Out of Stock)
Oil Bottle
$110.00 $88.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Vinegar Bottle
$110.00 $88.00 SALE
Noblewoman Floor Vase
$2,600.00 (Out of Stock)