Francesca Niccacci

Francesca is one of the best artists working in Dertua today. Her pieces are a perfect blend of color, classic style, and elegance. These pieces are sure to please any lover of fine art maiolica.
Francesca Charger
Portrait Plate
Francesca Dinner Plate
Fruit Wine Goblet
Floral & Fruit Square Bowl
$320.00 (Out of Stock)
Purple Flower Square Bowl
$320.00 (Out of Stock)
Large Platter
Platter with Handles
$410.00 (Out of Stock)
Rectangular Platter
Floral & Fruit Fruit Bowl
$550.00 (Out of Stock)
3-Ring Centerpiece
Small 3-Ring Bowl
Fancy Centerpiece
Geometric Centerpiece Bowl
Warrior Centerpiece
$1,200.00 (Out of Stock)