La Mastro Giorgio

The work and name of the Biagioli Studdio, in Gubbio, is derived from the artistry of the famous 15th century painter, Mastro Giorgio. These pieces are fired three times to achieve their rich and unique finish.
Green Lotus Lamp
$260.00 $156.00 SALE
Red Lotus Lamp
$260.00 $156.00 SALE
Red Candy Dish on Pedestal
$260.00 $130.00 SALE
Blue Lotus Lamp
$400.00 $240.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Blue Oval Bowl Candy Dish
$90.00 $45.00 SALE
Red Oval Candy Dish
$90.00 $45.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Green Rectangular Tray
$210.00 $105.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Blue Lotus Cake on Pedestal
$250.00 $125.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Blue Spiral Handle Centerpiece
$440.00 $220.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Red Spiral Handle Centerpiece with lid
$320.00 $192.00 SALE
Red Centerpiece with Lid
$210.00 $105.00 SALE
Footed Centerpiece
$240.00 $120.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Small Red Lotus Pitcher
$85.00 $42.50 SALE (Out of Stock)
Small Blue Lotus Pitcher
$85.00 $42.50 SALE (Out of Stock)
Green Parmesan Jar
$110.00 $55.00 SALE (Out of Stock)