Bordato Pattern

In the 1980's Biordi's began expanding its dinnerware selection. At that time, Gianfranco Savio, the owner, started working with and encouraging new artists that were initiating a modern movement in Italian ceramics. Today we refer to this ceramic direction at the geometric movement. It has been embraced as the new Italian majolica style. This "Bordato" pattern was one of the first modern geometric designs that Gianfranco helped conceptualize.
Dinner Plate, Full Design
$110.00 (Special Order)
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Full Design
$100.00 (Special Order)
Salad Plate, Full Design
$90.00 (Special Order)
Dinner Plate, Simplified
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Simple Design
$55.00 (Special Order)
Salad Plate, Simplified
$60.00 (Special Order)
Wine Goblet
Caffelatte Cup and Saucer
Coffee Cup
$90.00 (Special Order)
Espresso, Curved
Ice Cream Bowl
$85.00 (Special Order)
Oval Bowl
Vegetable Bowl
$200.00 (Special Order)
Flat Rim Salad Bowl