Orvieto Pattern

This pattern is one Italy's oldest dinnerware designs. "Il Buon Gallo," or the Good Rooster, is known to bring good luck and prosperity to the home that keeps it. THis style originated during the 13th century in Orvieto, a small town on top of a particularly unusual volcanic plateau. In the Renaissance, Orvieto ceramics were often associated with the green coloration exemplified in this particular pattern. Today Biordi's obtains it's Orvieto pattern specifically made in Deruta.
Dinner Plate, Full Design
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Full Design
Salad Plate, Full Design
Dinner Plate, Simplified
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Simplified
Salad Plate, Simplified
Espresso, Straight
Espresso, Curved
$75.00 (Special Order)
Coffee Cup
Latte Cup
Wine Goblet
$75.00 $52.50 SALE
French Breakfast Bowl
$70.00 (Special Order)
Candy Dish
$70.00 $63.00 SALE
Scallop Bowl