Antico Deruta Pattern

Antico comes from the Italian adjective in Stilo Antico, which literally means "ancient style," which describes the Renaissance's polyphonic or musical quality of artistic composition. Antico, Ricco, and Raffaelesco all embrace this style, but it is Antico that is known as the musician's pattern. Rich, subtle, and elegant, Antico Deruta dinnerware is characterized by a light gray glaze and a deep blue patterning. Within it, one may easily recognize a classic reinterpretation of the Ricco design.
Dinner Plate, Full Design
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Full Design
Salad Plate, Full Design
AD Dinner Plate, Simplified
AD Pasta/Soup Bowl, Simplified
AD Salad Plate, Simplified
Wine Goblet
$75.00 $67.50 SALE
Latte Cup
Coffee Cup
Espresso, Curved
Espresso, Straight
$75.00 (Special Order)
Scalop Salad Bowl, Large
Scallop Bowl
Oval Bowl