Ricco Deruta Pattern

This is Biordi's most popular pattern for classic Italian dinnerware. This pattern can be traced from Perugino's frescos from the 16th century, and is hailed as Deruta's most celebrated design. This is a truly joyful pattern! The Ricco pattern is masterfully hand painted with the original blues, yellows, and greens of the traditional Renaissance era. With this collection, you can admire the essence of an Italian spring or summer all year round.
Charger Plate, Full Design
Dinner Plate, Full Design
Pasta/Soup Bowl, Full Design
$100.00 (Special Order)
Salad Plate, Full Design
RD Dinner Plate, Simplified
$60.00 (Special Order)
RD Pasta/Soup Bowl, Simplified
RD Salad Plate, Simplified
Wine Goblet
$75.00 (Special Order)
$60.00 (Special Order)
Latte Cup
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup and Saucer, Simplified
$80.00 (Special Order)
Espresso, Curved
Espresso, Straight
Scallop Bowl