New Items At Biordi

Nativity Large 6 Piece Set
$3,200.00 (Out of Stock)
Small Bowl 1
$60.00 (Out of Stock)
Schittone Blue Gold Large Floral Wall Plate
$460.00 (Out of Stock)
Grand Reserve PG08
$80.00 (Special Order)
Ice Cream Bowl 2
$110.00 (Special Order)
Small Bowl 10
$150.00 (Special Order)
Geribi Vegetable Bowl PG14
$300.00 (Special Order)
Pia Ricamo Rosso Large Bowl
$560.00 (Special Order)
Geribi Fungo Bowl PG07
$350.00 (Special Order)
Peacock by Geribi PG02
$250.00 (Special Order)
Geribi Cereal Bowl PG10
$140.00 (Special Order)
Madonna and Child Window Small
$640.00 (Special Order)
Ice Cream Bowl 4
$110.00 (Special Order)
Grand Reserve PG03
$80.00 (Special Order)
Flat Sardine Medium Bowl
$400.00 (Special Order)