Frutta Pattern

This Frutta pattern originates from the Abbruzzi region, in the small town of Castelli; home of Emilio Biordi, the first owner of Biordi Art Imports. Over time, Castelli, has become a famous center for ceramics in Italy. Here, one can find the Pardi family, whom, for now several generations, has painted these charming designs.
Dinner Plate, Full Design
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Pasta/Soup Plate, Full Design
$50.00 $40.00 SALE
Salad Plate, Full Design
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Cereal Bowl
Frutta French Breakfast Bowl
$50.00 (Special Order)
Dinner Plate, Simplified
Pasta/Soup Plate, Simplified
Salad Plate, Simplified
Coffee Cup
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Latte Cup
$65.00 $52.00 SALE
Espresso, Straight
$70.00 (Out of Stock)
Salt & Pepper, Oil & Vinegar Set
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