Pia Formato

At the top of a windy road, at the gated entrance of old town Deruta, stands Pia Formato's little ceramic shop. Pia's ceramic style is her personal reinterpretation of Eugenio's geometric patterns, with a grand technical grasp of a particular color. What has now become known as "Pia's Red" is an uncommonly vibrant red that requires a great deal of professional glazing skill. Already a master glazer in her thirties, Pia is our youngest and most promising artist. We look forward to adding more of her work to our collection.
Pia's Dinner Plate, Simple
$95.00 (Special Order)
Large Oval Platter
Regular Oval Platter
Rectangular Tray Large
Rectangular Tray
Octagonal Platter Large
Octagonal Platter
Square Plate
Rectangular Serving Piece
Red Goblet
Elegant Goblet
Pia's Mug, Regular Size
Pia's Mug, large size
Pia Lemon Mug
Green Espresso Cup