Religious Items

Angel Gabriel
$65.00 (Out of Stock)
Noah's Plaque
$65.00 (Out of Stock)
Angel and Cloud
$25.00 (Out of Stock)
Madonna & Child, Round, Medium
$160.00 (Out of Stock)
Madonna and Child
$75.00 (Out of Stock)
Mary With Flowers. Medium
$40.00 (Out of Stock)
Madonna della Strada
$35.00 $21.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Mary and Child Della Robbia
$200.00 (Out of Stock)
Madonna, Child and Angels Window Large
$1,500.00 (Special Order)
Madonna and Child Oval
$800.00 (Special Order)
Madonna and Child
$1,600.00 (Special Order)
Madonna and Child on Reclaimed Brick - Blue
$850.00 (Special Order)
Mary with Flowers. Small
$25.00 (Special Order)
Saint Anthony of Padua
$25.00 (Special Order)
Virgin Mary with Gold Halo
$1,400.00 (Special Order)