These pieces are the product of our most artistic pair of ceramicists. The Vignoli sisters, Saura and Ivana, use a special technique involving unique glazes and firing styles, to create a spectacular copper sheen, which makes every piece as unique as a fingerprint. These techniques paired with their geometric patterns can certainly elevate one's appreciation for creativity in Italian ceramics.
Red Flowers Flat Bowl
Small Oval Sardine Plate
$350.00 (Special Order)
Large Dented
$600.00 (Special Order)
Sardines Wall Hanging
$720.00 (Special Order)
Sardines Medium Bowl
$400.00 (Special Order)
Sardines Cake Plate on Pedastal
Flat Sardine Medium Bowl
$400.00 (Special Order)
Small Bowl 01
Small Bowl 02
$150.00 (Special Order)
Small Bowl 03
Small Bowl 04
Small Bowl 05
Small Bowl 06
$150.00 (Special Order)
Small Bowl 07
$150.00 (Special Order)
Small Bowl 08
$150.00 (Out of Stock)