Susanna De Simone

DeSimone Fisherman Vase
$550.00 (Special Order)
Wheat Pickers Square Plate
Olive Picking Square Plate
$280.00 (Out of Stock)
Man and Rooster Square Plate
$280.00 (Special Order)
Swordfish Fisherman Square Plate
Man and Woman Park
$280.00 (Special Order)
Recipe Bowl Small
$35.00 (Special Order)
Recipe Bowl Med
Mermaid Vase
$330.00 (Special Order)
Espresso Dancing
$60.00 (Out of Stock)
Swordfish Expresso
$60.00 (Out of Stock)
Bird Medium Trivet
$48.00 (Special Order)
Fish Large Trivet
Fish Medium Trivet
$48.00 (Out of Stock)
Fish Small Trivet