La Mastro Giorgi

The Biagioli Family took the name (and the old furnace), from the famous 15th century Gubbio painter, Mastro Giorgio. You can view some of this Renaissance Master plates and vases in the Metropolitan Museum.
Small Red Lotus Pitcher
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Small Blue Lotus Pitcher
$85.00 $42.50 SALE (Out of Stock)
Green Parmesan Jar
$110.00 $55.00 SALE
Green Lotus Butter Dish
$140.00 $70.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Large Red Griffin Urn
$195.00 $97.50 SALE
Red Round Vase
$60.00 $30.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Blue Oval Centerpiece Vase
$260.00 $130.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Red Lotus Amphora Medium
$95.00 $47.50 SALE
Red Lotus Amphora Small
$75.00 $37.50 SALE
Large Blue Lotus Wall Plate
$450.00 $225.00 SALE (Out of Stock)
Red Rose Wall Plate
$75.00 $37.50 SALE