Blue Carnation

This design was inspired by the Japanese Imari style in the 17th century, when Oriental Art became very popular in Europe. The Carnation design was interpreted in Lodi, and later became the banner pattern of Faenza, the maiolica town that then popularized the pattern. Bruno Brolli, from Rimini, is our artist of choice for this classic pattern. Each one of these pieces is signed by the artist.
Dinner Plate
$65.00 (Special Order)
Pasta/Soup Plate
Salad Plate
Dessert Plate
Utensil - Spoon
Utensil - Salad Spoon Set
Regular Cup and Saucer
Espresso Cup
Caffelatte Cup and Saucer
Large Mug
Medium Size Mug
Vegetable Bowl
Cioppino Deep Bowl
$95.00 (Special Order)