Susanna De Simone

These delightful pieces, with cubists undertones, represent the artistic vision set forth by Giovanni De Simone and continued today by his daughter Susanna. Her limited production will still bear her signature, together with the company's new name "Fabbrica della Ceramica."
Signature Tile ~ The Queen
Signature Tile ~ The King
Signature Tile !~ The Captain
Signature Tile ~ Artist with Bird
Grape Stomping Vase
$650.00 (Special Order)
DeSimone Small Nativity Scene
$98.00 (Special Order)
Signature Tile Queen - Color
$800.00 (Special Order)
DeSimone Nativity Set
Holy Family Large Pasque set of two
Angel Plaque
$110.00 (Special Order)
DeSimone Santa
$75.00 (Special Order)
King Plaque Coat Hanger
$800.00 (Special Order)
Orange Picking Vase - Large
$750.00 (Out of Stock)
Grape Stomping Canister
Fisherman Bottle Vase
$450.00 (Special Order)